Transient Constellations: Desolation’s Journey from Big Bang to Celestial Demise

Yanuar Ramadhan
2 min readJun 1, 2023


Photo by Joes Valentine on Unsplash

In the cosmic tapestry's embrace,
A celestial symphony reveals its grace,
From the primordial spark, a universe unfolds,
As the Big Bang's mighty tale foretold.

I, a mere fragment in this vast expanse,
Witness the birth of galaxies, a cosmic dance,
Within the multiverse's infinite realms,
Where possibilities bloom and overwhelm.

Time's river flows, a relentless stream,
As the universe weaves its intricate scheme,
Yet, at the precipice of the end's embrace,
I stand, contemplating the void's cold embrace.

Like a dying star, fading into the night,
The universe gasps its final, dwindling light,
And as entropy claims its cosmic prize,
I ponder the truths hidden within the skies.

In this grand theater of space and time,
Our connection, once vibrant, now echoes sublime,
Just as the universe expands and contracts,
Our bond unraveled, lost in astral tracts.

Through black holes' gravity, I've journeyed far,
Seeking remnants of our essence, a fading star,
But the fabric of space-time, torn and frayed,
Leaves me stranded, longing for the passion we once displayed.

As the universe's chapters reach their end,
I yearn for the reunion, my heart won't mend,
Yet, amidst the void, hope lingers on,
A glimmer of light, a chance to be reborn.

In this cosmic cataclysm, I find solace anew,
Embracing the mysteries of the multiverse's brew,
For even as the universe takes its final bow,
Our connection transcends, forever in its glow.

So let the universe collapse and dissolve,
In the grand finale, our essence will evolve,
In the annihilation of stars and space,
Our bond remains, in a timeless embrace.

Though the end may come, as all things must,
Our unity endures, undying and robust,
In the cosmic echoes of the universe's demise,
Our souls entwined, forever in the skies.

So, fear not the end, my soul, my dear,
For our bond transcends the temporal sphere,
In the infinite expanse of space and time,
Our unity prevails, an eternal paradigm.