The Timebound Journey: Seeking the Lazarus Taxon’s Embrace

Yanuar Ramadhan
2 min readJun 9


Photo by Lisa Yount on Unsplash

In the realm of ancient wonders' grace,
Resides a concept that reveals its trace,
Lazarus Taxon, a mesmerizing tale,
Where lost species revive, their beauty unveil.

And in the cycles of ages yet to unfold,
I’ll embark on a journey, my heartstrings hold,
Through the endless river of time’s ceaseless flow,
To reunite with you, in passion’s fiery glow.

Like a hidden gem, concealed beneath the soil,
You once disappeared, your essence in turmoil,
But as the epochs unravel, my spirit will soar,
To rediscover you, to cherish you once more.

As the grains of time sift through the years,
I’ll traverse echoes of joy and tears,
With hope as my compass, devotion as my guide,
I’ll seek the sacred bond where our souls abide.

For just as Lazarus Taxon unveils its grace,
Love can rekindle, in its infinite space,
In the tapestry of destiny, we shall be,
Reviving the flame of our love’s decree.

So fear not, my cherished one, for I shall persist,
In my quest to find you, in love’s eternal mist,
Through the fabric of time, we’ll transcend,
Our eternal love story, that shall never end.

In the language of ancient lore’s embrace,
Our love will blossom, with a different grace,
As taxon Lazarus, reborn anew,
In the symphony of love, forever true.



Yanuar Ramadhan