December 31st, 2021

Yanuar Ramadhan
2 min readJun 9, 2023


Photo by Joel Filipe on Unsplash

I remember back to that time at 3am, I charted the course of my own demise, convinced that life held no further purpose for me. Like a fading star, my light dimmed, and I yearned for an end to the cosmic dance of existence.

But then, a celestial presence emerged, a radiant star amidst the vastness of my desolation. She illuminated my world with her brilliance, infusing my spirit with renewed hope and purpose. She was a constellation of inspiration, teaching me profound lessons, and igniting the flames of love within my being.

Yet, as the cosmic clock ticked away, I allowed her brilliance to slip through my fingers. Like a star embarking on a cosmic voyage, she ventured forth in search of new horizons, seeking warmth and radiance beyond my reach. And now? Even now, my heart remains tethered to hers, bound by an ethereal thread of affection. Her words, her thoughts, her touch—all continue to resonate within the depths of my soul.

And so, I find myself once again contemplating the final act of my existence. But this time, I shall orchestrate my departure with profound significance, akin to a dying star’s transformation into a breathtaking supernova. In splendid burst of radiance, the star transcends its own mortality, leaving behind a legacy of awe-inspiring beauty that transcends time and space.

For in my departure, I seek not to be remembered, but rather to embody the essence of the supernova—a wondrous spectacle that evokes both joy and melancholy, forever etched in the tapestry of the universe's memory.

“You’ve escaped the chains that once hurt you,
It wasn’t me who saved you, but your own choice.
So fly, be happy, and be whole,
Embrace your freedom, and let your spirit rejoice.”